Kristina Rihanoff
Kristina Rihanoff Dance To The Music Tour 2020


Raise awareness of Kristina Rihanoff’s Dance To The Music tour via engagement with newspapers, magazines, websites, digital platforms, TV and radio.


  • Arrange & facilitate professional photoshoot of the show’s creator, choreographer and performer Kristina Rihanoff and tour host Jake Quickenden for promotional imagery.
  • Produce press material including news releases, imagery & promotional videos to send out to both regional & national news outlets as well as regional social platforms.
  • Gain coverage within the regions of the nationwide tour to raise awareness, build momentum, generate ticket sales and overall press hype and publicity.
  • Secure national press opportunities across print, digital & broadcast media
  • Generally promote the 43 theatres and venues of this nationwide tour to dance fans, local dance schools and the adoring British public.


  • Coverage reached an audience of 19m, across all platforms.
  • Placed in 310 regional & 12 national outlets including the Daily Mail, Mail Online, Daily Star, Sunday Mirror, Express Online, Metro, Closer & Woman’s Own.
  • Secured appearance on primetime television with Kristina Rihanoff and tour host Jake Quickenden appearing on ITV’s Lorraine show.
  • Secured nationwide radio activity through interviews with the tour stars Kristina Rihanoff and Jake Quickenden.
  • Worked with the full press landscape for reader viewer and listener promotions and ticket offers
  • Worked with big theatre and music producers – RLN Music – for the first time.  Securing a long-lasting professional relationship.
  • 13 national features & PR value of £1,041,850.73