Keith Bishop Associates

KBA are proud to be one of the UK’s leading public relations consultancies. Based in central London, KBA is a personable, PR and communications agency with a powerful punch that delivers results. We listen to needs, support plans and build successful strategies that realise ambitions.

Our team is comprised of highly talented and experienced people in the business who are totally focused on getting clients seen, heard and appreciated.

We care about our clients and everyone is treated like an external member of the family.


What we can do
for you and your brand

KBA will help you deal with a broad range of business challenges and problems. We will enhance your reputation by engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders across a multitude of channels telling your story effectively.

We organise inspiring events for both consumer and press and we successfully connect brands with influencers and collaborators.

Our longstanding relationships with the press, business leaders and key industry players means that our approach is fully informed and relevant.

Drawn from a wide range of disciplines including financial, corporate, journalism, crisis management, PR, design and event management our dedicated team is ready to take you to the next level.

Keith Bishop - Founder
Keith Bishop
Claire Madams - Head of Operations
Claire Madams
Head of Operations
Mattie Rice - Financial/Corporate
Mattie Rice
Gary Thompson - Financial/Corporate
Gary Thompson
Tracey Baldwin - Fashion/Lifestyle/Sport
Tracey Baldwin
James Kenneth - Media/TV/Crisis Management
James Kenneth
Media/TV/Crisis Management
Melanie Faldo - Travel/Health/Music
Melanie Faldo
Jonathan Gabay - Brands
Jonathan Gabay
Al Walter - Photography
Al Walter
Deboshree K-Ghosh - Events
Deboshree K-Ghosh
Will Moore -
Will Moore
Emma Chait -
Emma Chait
Max Goldthorpe -
Max Goldthorpe
Louise Fowler -
Louise Fowler
Callum Ruane -
Callum Ruane
Josh Simon -
Josh Simon
Saunthini Sivaruban -
Saunthini Sivaruban
Scott Donovan -
Scott Donovan

We won’t let you down

KBA are proud to be one of the UK’s leading public relations consultancies.


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