Keith Bishop Associates

KBA began life in 1992 as a celebrity management agency.  In our formative years, we became expert at dealing with high-profile, high-pressure situations.

We have subsequently grown into a full-service PR and Communications Agency, serving clients from all parts of the business world.

We believe that the skills we acquired in our early days, working with performers and other prominent individuals, stand us in very good stead when working with brands and corporations. We have always operated successfully at the sharp end of public life.

Today, the audiences we seek to reach, engage with and influence are bigger and broader, and our messages and the selection of media used are often more complex.  Yet we have stuck to our core principles established as we grew, maintaining our belief that the most successful business relationships evolve out of genuine friendships.

And that is why those who have worked with us, either as clients or from within the media world, would always say that KBA is not your standard PR agency.


What we can do
for you and your brand

KBA will help you deal with a broad range of business challenges and problems. We will enhance your reputation by engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders across a multitude of channels telling your story effectively.

We organise inspiring events for both consumer and press and we successfully connect brands with influencers and collaborators.

Our longstanding relationships with the press, business leaders and key industry players mean that our approach is fully informed and relevant.

Drawn from a wide range of disciplines including financial, corporate, journalism, crisis management, PR, design and event management our dedicated team is ready to take you to the next level.

Keith Bishop - Founder
Keith Bishop
Claire Madams - Head of Operations
Claire Madams
Head of Operations
Mattie Rice - Financial/Corporate
Mattie Rice
Gary Thompson - Financial/Corporate
Gary Thompson
Tracey Baldwin - Fashion/Lifestyle/Sport
Tracey Baldwin
James Kenneth - Media/TV/Crisis Management
James Kenneth
Media/TV/Crisis Management
Melanie Faldo - Travel/Health/Music
Melanie Faldo
Jonathan Gabay - Brands
Jonathan Gabay
Al Walters - Photography
Al Walters
Deboshree K-Ghosh - Events
Deboshree K-Ghosh
Will Moore -
Will Moore
Emma Chait -
Emma Chait
Max Goldthorpe -
Max Goldthorpe
Louise Fowler -
Louise Fowler
Callum Ruane -
Callum Ruane
Josh Simon -
Josh Simon
Saunthini Sivaruban -
Saunthini Sivaruban

We won’t let you down

We deliver results for all of our clients.  We listen to their needs and build strategies and campaigns that realise their ambitions.


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